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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I make my cheques payable to?

All cheques (registrations, donations, pledges) should all be made payable to Run 4 Youth.  Official income tax receipts will be provided by WES For Youth Online  for all donations and pledges over $20.

Do I get an official tax receipt for participating in a Colleen Lantz Memorial Run 4 Youth event?

Only donations or pledges over $20 are eligible for an official income tax receipt.  The money paid towards registration of an event does not qualify for a tax receipt. 

What is a race chip?

A race chip is a high-tech devise used to time race participants during a race.  It consists of a miniature transponder and is marked with a unique identification number.  As the race participant crosses the starting line mat at the beginning of the race, it sends a signal to power the chip and the timing system starts recording the time.  Once the race participant crosses the finish line, it sends another signal to the timing system recognizing that the participant has completed the race.

How is our race being timed?

The technology used to time this year is called bibtag. It consists of a timing chip which is placed at the back of the bib and provides timing data without requiring participants to manipulate a chip. There is no chip pick up, no chip placement on shoe and nothing to return. The participant simply wears the bib and runs/walks. The bibtags are placed on the bibs at SportsStats and should not be removed from the bib. Participants are required to wear their bib on their chest and keep  it visible throughout the event. Avoid folding/creasing/crumbling the bib as this may damage the bibtag.

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Can we bring our pets into the race with us?

Due to liability issues pets are not permitted during the race.

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